Training solutions

Contracted CRM training for airlines (pilots and cabin crew)

CRM training in accordance with EASA AMC1 ORO.FC.115. and EASA AMC1 ORO.CC.115. We deliver training, develop course material and training plans for initial, recurrent and OCC courses.

EASA Teaching and learning course (pilots and cabin crew)

3-day (25 hour) training seminar in accordance with EASA AMC FCL.920 suitable as a  basis for TRI, TKI, FI, CCI, SEPI, Cabin Service Instructor and all other types of instructors in an airline. The focus is on the non-technical aspects of training and groups of pilots and cabin crew can be combined.

Contracted CRM training for single pilot commercial operators

CRM training in accordance with EASA AMC2 ORO.FC.115: CRM training in single pilot operations. We deliver training and assist in creating a training plan that fulfills legal requirements and focuses on the single pilot aspects of CRM.

Aviation Consulting

Creation of training material, manual writing, training program consulting.